Benefits of an Open MRI

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Benefits of an Open MRI


Diagnostic testing in medicine can be a bit stressful at times. You need to be sure that you schedule things correctly and that you’re sorting things out in a way that is helpful for your overall health.

If you need an MRI, you may be considering an open mri near me in New Jersey as an option. What are the benefits here? Let’s take a look.

Your Size and Body Type Doesn’t Matter

Many people get nervous about MRI’s because, if you aren’t an average sized person, you may not fit in the MRI machine very well. This could make you uncomfortable or ashamed, as a result. Now, with more open models, you never have to worry about not fitting in there.


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Since open MRI’s are newer than the older models, they also have some pretty new technology inside of them as well. This means that they’re going to provide you with more accurate information and ensure that your doctor can make more precise decisions regarding your diagnosis.

Don’t Worry About Feeling Trapped

Are you nervous about being in a small, uncomfortable space for an extended period of time? Open model MRI’s are very open, which can help to alleviate that stress. It’ll also make it easier for you to get through the diagnostic tests without any of the additional fear or panic that you may have felt due to the tube. And, if you’re not panicking, it makes it easier to get everything done quickly and accurately.

Look at what you can do and talk with your doctor about what it is that they suggest. They can make sure that you have everything together and ensure that you’re able to sort out details. They’ll schedule you and take care of what you may need, as well.