Resolving Hand Issues And Pain

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Resolving Hand Issues And Pain


The hands are going to be the next major part of the body that we used on a daily basis besides our feet.  When we use our hands on a daily basis through typing, manual labor or just day to day functioning we can start to irritate the joints and tendons in a way that they are soar and aching.  One condition that you may experience from this is known as Trigger Finger.

When we hear the term trigger finger, we relate it to the finger used to pull the trigger on a gun.  However, in this case this is not what we are talking about.  In this case, we are talking about tendons that stiffen up and will cause our finger to go into a locked position.  This can be scary the first time it happens, but be aware that it is a common occurrence.

If you experience trigger finger, you can go to a health facility to have a trigger finger in Mount Pleasant in-office procedure done on it.  This procedure can be resolved by injecting steroids into the finger which will release the stiffness and tenderness of the joints. 

If you are not comfortable with this type of procedure, then you can go and have the procedure done in the hospital under sedation.  After the procedure is completed patients can to home and have full use of their finger the same day.

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To help avoid this, take rests or breaks when using your fingers.  You can find yourself typing on a computer keyboard or hunting and pecking on a phone.  You will also want to stay hydrated, so you don’t cause your fingers to lock up.

If this does happen to you don’t freak out.  You will just want to relax and gently go in and move your finger normally.  When you go to the doctor to get it diagnosed, they can usually fix it right then and there.